Our tips to be serene and peaceful at work

Our tips to be serene and peaceful at work

Our tips to be serene and peaceful at work

100 years ago, it was possible to spend more time to smell the flowers and relax. People could spend much more time fishing, collecting exotic fruits and working in the gardens. With fewer vehicles on the roads and less heavy traffic jam, there was very much less traffic noise. It was possible to be contended with the basic necessities in life, instead of spending much on highly sophisticated goods and gadgets.

Today's world, however, is marked by the fact that both men and women are bread winners of the family. This has resulted in more stress because after work, it is necessary to fulfill other functions at home and take care of the others. The peace ambassador Prem Rawat himself wishes good for humanity through his words of peace which say, "I want to see peace dancing in the heart of one of us"

Here are our tips to be serene and stay relaxed at work

Take deep breaths

If you feel worn-out after long, strenuous work or meeting, it is important to breathe in and breathe out.This technique consists of 3 major steps: 

  • Through the nose, breathe in slowly 
  • Hold your breath for three seconds 
  • Exhale gently and keep your facial muscles as relaxed as possible

Think positively

When faced with problems at work, it is possible to become gloomy and doubtful. To stop this negative feeling from happening, it is suitable to think about the positive outcome. Visualize the success and the fruits of your hard labor. Close your eyes and smile during the process.

Take a short nap

Feeling overwhelmed by deadlines and work challenges, it is a good idea to take a short nap after lunch. However, the thought of having to meet your tight deadline may prevent you from taking a peaceful rest. In this case, it might be helpful to cover your eyes with a bandage and stretch your legs for a while, and continue with the next tip.

Meditate for a few minutes

Meditation is helpful in many ways, as it helps to unwind and stay focused on the objectives. The process may take from 15 to 30 minutes. You may bring in your attention on a word of peace or on a short prayer. Keep repeating the words in your mind, and focus your attention on those words for some time until the stress is totally dissolved.

Regular meditation helps achieve more efficient work; thus, it is highly recommended to practice from time to time. To learn how to meditate, it is probably helpful to look for some resources on the internet, or ask for assistance from a coach like Prem Rawat.

Listen to some music

By listening to relaxing music while working, if it allows, you can gain more vitality and efficiency. Use a comfortable headphone and choose your favorite tunes to relax. The best is to do that during the break while closing your eyes and visualizing serenity.

It is recommended to avoid listening to hard music, though. In brief, if all workers "Practice peace", they are likely to "change the world", as the peace mediator Prem Rawat said. In other words, it is essential to practice some feel-good activities from time to time in order to stay placid and serene at work.

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